QLC Chain Bi-Weekly Report — #042


QLC Chain Bi-Weekly Report — #042

Starting off 2020 — the year of data privacy and growing industry adoption

  1. Node sponsorship recruited 35 node runners, only 5 spots open

The QLC Chain team has offered delegating voting power and free QLC staking for the eligible early bird node runners. By February 11th, the team has received over 60 applications, among which 35 have been shortlisted as eligible voting and mining nodes. The review process and monitoring of the shortlisted applicants have been ongoing and the next update on shortlisting will be published in a few days.

2. Release of roadmap for Q1 and Q2 of 2020

On January 23rd, the team published the roadmap for Q1 & Q2 of 2020. The new roadmap outlines the project’s goals, development milestones and deliverables for the first half of 2020.

Along with the future plans, the team also provided a look back to the team’s achievements in the public chain and product development and adoption in 2019.

The full post is accessible via

3. Roadmap follow-up Reddit AMA featuring Allen, the chief architect of QLC Chain

Following the roadmap release, the team conducted a Reddit AMA featuring the QLC Chain Chief Architect QLC Chain Allen on Jan 31st.

A total of 85 questions were raised prior to the AMA. In reply to the question of the use of QLC token, Allen offered a list of current and future uses cases including anti-fraud communication, network usage, payment for mobile cellular services, transfer of funds, and staking to voting/mining/oracle/Confidant nodes for rewards, among others.

The recap of the AMA highlights can be found via

4. Addition of the new Encrypted Vault module in Confidant

A brand new module ‘Encrypted Vault’ went live in Confidant on January 19th. It marked another milestone and since then Confidant has been gearing up towards a comprehensive privacy protection platform! The encrypted vault feature supports backing up of local photos, contacts and WeChat chats history with encryption.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

5. QLC Chain was invited to share industry experience at the workshop hosted by a leading telecom operator

QLC Chain was honored to contribute and share the experience and use cases at the workshop.


Completed (Jan 20 — Jan 30)

  • Implemented email contract for Confidant

Ongoing (Jan 31 — Feb 7)

  • Refactor ledger service to support higher TPS
  • Support SMS settlement functions on-chain
  • Implement virtual router to collect CDR data
  • Add more test cases

Next Step ( Feb 10 — Feb 21)

  • Prepare to refine VM implementation
  • Prepare for the second phase of (P2P/Consensus) optimization
  • Refactor VM


Completed (Jan 20 — Jan 30)

  • Developed the encrypted contacts feature in Encrypted Vault

Ongoing (Jan 31 — Feb 7)

  • Develop the encrypted SMS feature in Encrypted Vault

Next Step (Feb 10 — Feb 21)

  • Complete and launch the encrypted SMS feature in Encrypted Vault


Completed (Jan 20 — Jan 30)

  • Developed Q-Wallet recharge sales partner module and the discounted group recharge module

Next Step (Feb 10 — Feb 21)

  • Improve the discounted group recharge module

About QLC Chain

QLC Chain is to resolve the data trust and security problem in the communication industry, and aim to build a public chain for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform.

From the ledger structure perspective: QLC Chain supports each account to have its own chain of ledger integrated with telecom service capabilities, named the multi-dimensional block-lattice structured ledger.

From an adoption scenario perspective: QLC Chain’s mission is to create a secure and trusted environment for communication services and to narrow down the digital divide by leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology, enabling everyone to operate and benefit from network services.

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