QLC staking rewards

QLC Chain

QLC is the protocol token on the QLC Chain. By holding and staking QLC, people can access to a variety of rights, including issue tokens for the communication services, receive Q-Gas, vote for ledger update and more. More information can be found on the official website qlcchain.org.


The fuel token in this economy QGas is the fuel token on Go-QLC. QLC holder can be benefit from QGas requirement when communication service provider deploys its service on Go-QLC such as massive A2P sms globally billing and clearance. Q-Gas are burnt from the network once consumed.


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Staked chart

 The total staked QLC is updated once per day

QGas supply

Total QGAS supply: 100 million
Circulating QGAS supply: 4,261,950
Burned QGAS: 250,562


QGAS supply calculator

  • The pool for voting nodes has a total circulation of 100 million, distributing through 33 years, which equals to 8,302 QGas per day.
  • Miner nodes (100K QLC minimum) (QGas Distribution Mechanism on the QLC Chain)
  • QGas are burned from the network once consumed.
  • Results

  • 8302 + 8219
  • 8302 + 8219 - Q-GAS burned per day
  • (8302 + 8219) * 30
  • (8302 + 8219 - Q-GAS burned per day) * 30
  • (8302 + 8219) * 365
  • (8302 + 8219 - Q-GAS burned per day) * 365